Hillary's White House if there were one
7 years ago by SoPissed
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  1. Females need NOT apply for Internship
  2. Curfew will be strictly imposed on Bill
  3. To determine the meaning of the word "IS", and Bill will be the Linguistics Director to resolve the issue and all words that will be possibly confusing to us in the future
  4. Speaking Fees  are subject to negotiations, and only 6 digits or higher fees will be accepted.  All payments have to make payable to Global Initiative
Updated 7 years ago
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Bubbaa 7 years ago
6.  Secret Service/Servants will bow when Hillary approaches
7. Servants (Secret service) will not make eye contact with Hillary (her Highness - in her terms)
8. Bill will be allowed out of his cell (aka. quarters) for 30 minutes per day to feed in the rose garden.
9. Bill will not be allowed to speak unless response is pre-approved by Hillary.  In other words, he can't speak.
10. Prayer rugs for guests must be provided by guests/payees.
11. All military O8's and above are fired.  Please apply at the VA medical center for benefit information.
12.  All detainees at Gitmo are released unconditionally.  Please board Air Force one at your leasure.
SoPissed 7 years ago
5. Bill, last time you rented out Lincoln Bedroom for $35,000/night to our Hollywood friends,  we need to charge 10 times more from now on
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