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8 years ago by SoPissed
Our politicians lie, corrupt and sell access to the office we entrust them with for their personal financial gains; our teachers and students cheat on their exams and other issues;  our athletes dope and our great Olympians made up robbery story to cover up their vandalism;  and so on and so forth.  They are only the symptoms of a rotting root.
The root cause is that we as a society no longer cherish moral values but believe in end always justifies the means regardless how corrupt the means maybe.  We see that play out daily by the powerful and the famous.
Ideally, the top political leaders should be some of the most important standard-bearers for our society.  But, when you have the top leaders, our President(s), Secretary of State publicly and repeatedly lie to us to cover their corruptions, they are in fact leading the charge to lower the bar and to desensitize our moral judgments.  Yes, moral still exist, and it is not a dirty word but a solid foundation to build our big house.
At time of this dispiritedness, we may find solace in remembering President  Harry S. Truman lined up in his hometown to collect unemployment benefits after he had left the White House, in knowing that Winston Church’s stay in the Lincoln Bedroom was to forge the relationship between the two countries in the fire of war,  and to champion the high causes he and FDR served.
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PHILSTER22 7 years ago
I seriously think eventually we are going to have to trash cash, the root of all evil, and go back to a simpler way, barter perhaps, i don't know but we can't go on like this...I think once pizzagate is investigated, society is going to seriously change shape once everyone figures out what the crimes against humanity are, all the Satan worshiping and perverted Pedo stuff!! There are a shitload of people going down for that including Obama, and Kilary! Peace out! :)
BongoFury 7 years ago
The truth of history shows us that we need to hit rock bottom before we either recover or die.  There is someone waiting to make a stand in the future, just we aren't low enough  yet to hear them.
SoPissed 8 years ago

Ryan Lochte  lied  in Rio and apologized later.  Speedo, Ralph Lauren immediately cut the commercial tie with him. He is a nice young man and made a stupid mistake. 

Bill and Hillary Clinton have been lying all the way from Arkansas , and the more lies they tell the higher they climb politically and financially.  And it is all because those supporters of the Clintons put their personal and their party's interest above anything and everything including our national security.

I'd love to know if those companies would apply the same principle to Hillary and publicly drop their supports for Hillary, or if they are just a bunch of hypocrites.

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