This is interesting; Swarm of 169 earthquakes strikes near the San Andreas fault
8 years ago by FreakNot

>>> Hmmm, this is interesting...

Swarm of 169 earthquakes strikes near the San Andreas fault line in one week – 30 only on July 13 2015
GeologyEarthquake, Tremor

Over 30 earthquakes ranging in magnitude from 1.3 to 2.4 were reported on July 13, 2015, around Fillmore, California.

And a total of 169 earthquakes in the same area this week. What’s going on along the San Andreas fault line?
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limbo123 8 years ago
Going to California next week. Hopefully the "slipping" is done for a while.
  • FreakNot 8 years ago
    We'll keep it together while you're here, Limbo.
LedZap 8 years ago
That's good. The fault is slipping without causing one huge quake.
  • FreakNot 8 years ago
    Yeah, I hope that's the case. A big would not be a good thing.
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