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Counterfeiters Enabler
8 years ago by SoPissed

Alibaba's Jack Ma: The problem with counterfeits is they're “better quality” than authentic luxury goods.

With tens or billions of intellectual properties stolen from this country and the western world by Chinese, this clown has some nerve to publicly brag about how good the quality of those counterfeits his site helps to promote. 
Chinese government and the very few politically well connected Chinese are all in bed with Chinese big companies to build up huge barrier to fend off foreign companies from going into their marketplace, Google, Facebook, Apple, and numerous smaller companies have experienced hard time to get into Chinese market.  Those who could get in were all required to form a partnership with local Chinese companies with a min. 51% Chinese ownership.  Any idiot can tell when you are not a majority owner you can lose everything.
As a result, Siemens and Honda lost all their bullet trains’ trade secrets, and eventually their world market shares, to Chinese government/companies. Nokia’s brand new cell phones had not even rolled out of their Chinese factory’s production lines some identical copy already flooded the Chinese market. Stories like these can go around the globe many hundred times.

Ma said - “The exact factories, the exact raw materials, but they do not use their names.”
If he is not the accomplice of those counterfeiters, what do you call him?

When can those international companies wake up and say ‘enough is enough’, and all pack and leave?
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