Netspend SUCKS!
7 years ago by NETSPEND HATER
FUCK Netspend! They are sneaky bastards! I made the mistake of buying one of these cards, thinking I could purchase a $23 item on ebay. With the $25 I loaded onto their BULLSHIT card, that should've been enough to cover any sales tax or whatever else. But SURPRISE! We're gonna charge you $1 to use our card online! So now we're at 25.87 (incl tax), which of course, is over. So now I have to go spend $3 to load 87 cents on this card. Come to find out in fact, they charge for EVERYTHING! No way to get all of my money back unless I wait forever for a check to arrive. Their customer service is HORRIBLE. I was hung up on once when I asked to speak to a supervisor, I called back again and got transferred to never never land, reps are habitual liars-One rep told me they were in the Phillipines, another rep told me they were in Austin TX!

Don't waste your money on this BULLSHIT card. Have you been screwed by NETSPEND? Let us hear your story! The more people who speak out against these assholes, the better chance of a change in policy, or better yet, maybe they'll just disappear.
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