Different as Night and Day
Loser vs Winner
7 years ago by SoPissed

Obama:  sent surreptitiously $400 million in cash in an unmarked plane at night to Iran
Trump:  brought a $110 billion arms contract for this country from Saudi Arabia

Obama: wanted to change this country’s behaviors so we can be liked more by the world
Trump:  wants the world change their behaviors toward this country politically and economically

Obama: hoped by being a ‘good boy’ and placating our enemies will make this world more fair and safer. The result of his delusion  was more insults from our enemies
Trump: carries a big stick and let the world know we will defend our culture and dignities and resume the respect from other countries

Obama:  Saudi’s King Salman delegated the task of greeting Obama when he visited the country to a distant nephew, a provincial governor.  Obama later bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia when they met
Trump:  The 81-year-old king, who was aided by a cane, personally greeted Trump and the first lady Melania in the 101-degree heat on the tarmac, and walked them back to the terminal on a red carpet flanked by Saudi military

Melania and Ivanka Trump: do not wear headscarf so to promote equality for women in the Arab world. What a wonderful diplomacy for women! 

Obama: Killed the coal industry and was  on his way to decimate the fossil fuel industry, and  spent  billions of tax payers money to fund his green energy ideology. See the list of the  36  failed green energy  companies he funded at http://nation.foxnews.com/obama/2012/10/20/list-36-obama-s-taxpayer-funded-green-energy-failures
Trump: Promotes this country's energy independence by encouraging exploration of all energy sources.

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