Ilhan Abdullahi Omar
You Should Go Back
5 years ago by SoPissed

Yes, you will be happier if you go back to where you come from and to fight that evil government from which you had escaped.

But, you won’t.  First, you know you will be beheaded  if you have the guts even to say a word to defend your people there, and secondly, you enjoy so much freedom and wealth this country has offered you. And the freedom you never hesitate to use to spew hatred against this country.

Yes, you hate this country so much and you want to dismantle her.  You lie, even about your own marriages, distort facts and want the democracy follow your way, not the other way around.  

Yes, you are working hard  and hoping to switch the democratic/western cultures of this country to your muslim culture.  It is so self-evident of your intentions by your wearing of that hijab daily.

I would also include all of those who hate so much of this country to leave or go back to wherever their ancestors had come from.

Updated 5 years ago
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BobbyLew 3 years ago
You're the one who should go back to your country !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Accountability 4 years ago
DARE you to reply....double dog dare ya...your kind loves hidden Internet forums. Know why? Because you know, deep down inside, that you represent the stupidity that society dispels like urine or feces.  But by all mean, please reply. 
Accountability 4 years ago
You sound like a person who struggles figuring out which shoe goes on which foot still. But, hey, at least you have unfettered internet access, I guess. Holy sh!t, you make stupid people look like rhode scholars. 
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