Barack Obama = Neville Chamberlain
7 years ago by SoPissed
Iran was on the verge of collapse  before Obama and Kerry handed them a lifeboat of this selling out nuclear deal they made,  and both idiots claimed they were negotiating with Iran from strength and the world would be in better and safer condition.

They need not look far to find the real meaning and example of what negotiating from strength is.  USSR was on the brink of collapse and Ronald Reagan negotiated from real strength to have Gorbachev accept and sign the agreement that  Regan dictated.

I am very convinced by now that deep down Obama's heart, he has two important hidden agenda to accomplish while in the office,  one is to destroy the majority status of the whites in this country,   and the other is to remove  this country from being a superpower of the world.  If you do not believe it, just look at his immigration executive order and his long-standing hands-off attitude toward the uprisings in Iran, Syria and Egypt.  In the meantime he could not wait to kiss the mullahs' ass.

And, by the way,  what can this empty suit  John Kerry do?  He called our Vietnam vets baby killers. 

I'm a non-white first generation legal immigrant

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SoPissed 7 years ago
First publicly announced the schedule of our troop's withdrawal  from Iraq, and completely hands-off Syria so to create a political and military vacuum in the whole reagion, and  then handed Iran 100 billions and allow them to inspect and report their own nuclear enrichment program to IAEA,  you just can not find any person with lower IQ than this guy occuping our Whitehouse.

It is very sad for the whole world.

limbo123 7 years ago
It's Deja Vu all over again. Clinton said EXACTLY the same thing about the bullshit agreement he made with the North Korean dictators. Of course NK now has nukes, and I ran will also get them, guaranteed.

Anyone who believes Obama is a fool. 

SoPissed 7 years ago
Now I know you are not related to  Rush Limbaugh smiley
limbo123 7 years ago
Obama is very good at bailing out despotic regimes. First Cuba, and now Iran. 

BTW, I am also a first generation legal immigrant. 
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